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May Day flier 11x17 color NEWOn Wednesday, May 1 — known across the globe as May Day or International Workers Day — workers, immigrants rights, women’s, LGBTQ, and many other community organizations will come together in Raleigh to raise our voices against the regressive agenda of the legislature.

The NC Student Power Union is calling on all students across the state to come to Raleigh on May 1 to join this important demonstration to raise our voices against the proposed cuts to public education and services, against the threats to close schools, the racist voter suppression efforts and attempts to deprive students of the right to vote, the attacks on poor and working people, and all the attacks on our communities. Enough is enough!

Two years ago, when workers in Wisconsin were faced with severe attacks on their rights, tens of thousands of students and workers marched on and occupied the capitol building for 3 weeks to fight back. This is our Wisconsin moment — the example of struggle set by Wisconsin is on the minds of many given the crisis facing the people of North Carolina right now.

Governor Pat McCrory and Deputy Budget Director Art Pope released their budget proposal in mid-March, promising huge cuts to the public sector. Every day a new piece of legislation is proposed, each bill becoming a further insult to the people who make up this state. For poor and working class families, students, women, people of color, undocumented immigrants, and other marginalized groups it becomes increasingly clear: This is a state of emergency!

With the UNC system seeing $185 million in cuts next fiscal year and over $100 million to follow in 2014-2015, there is no question that public higher education is under attack. The cuts set the stage for huge tuition hikes next year, shutting the doors of public education to countless young people in our state and saddling those who can afford school with more and more debt. Some legislators have also suggested closing UNC system schools, an attack that we know is aimed at the state’s HBCUs and schools that serve working class communities.

At the same time, McCrory/Pope propose to eliminate the Estate Tax — a tax that affects only the wealthiest 23 estates in NC — costing the state $54 million in revenue each year. This, on top of the fact that over 8,000 students will lose financial aid completely while thousands more will see a reduction in their award makes it very clear where our lawmakers’ values lie. The wealthiest few will have their interests served while poor and working families bear the brunt of these cuts.

Don’t let Art Pope and Pat McCrory defund our futures! It’s time to build a powerful student voice in opposition to these budget cuts! It’s time to build our own power, a collective power! The NC Student Power Union invites you to join us on May 1st in Raleigh to march in protest.

May Day is a worker and immigrant rights day of action. As students, we must recognize that our struggles are inextricably intertwined with the struggles of others. To build our own power, we must build solidarity and strength. We are all fighting the same enemy: a white-supremacist, heteronormative, classist, patriarchal ideology that is permeating through our legislature. May 1st is a day to mobilize against these forces.

The lines in the sand have been clearly drawn — now the question is: which side are you on?

Carpools & Transportation

We’re organizing carpools, buses, and other transportation from across the state to bring folks to Raleigh.

If you have any questions, or need info on transportation leaving your area, please contact the folks listed below. Don’t see your school/community listed here? Contact us today and we can help connect you with folks leaving from your area, provide a travel scholarship to help with gas costs, or find other ways to help you get to Raleigh.

And don’t forget to register!

App State/Boone
919-802-5661 /

919-225-2252 /

Greensboro/Winston Salem (Including UNCG, NC A&T, WSSU, and surrounding schools)
410-292-7850 /

704-884-6136 /

Chapel Hill
919-706-8869 /

919-727-9223 /

919-793-8131 /

In formation

In formation

May 1 Schedule

1:30p: Gather at the NCSU Bell Tower
2p: Rally begins
2:20p: March steps off
3p: Speak out at the Civitas Institute
3:30p: Arrive at Moore Square park to join with broader May Day Coalition
4p: March leaves Moore Square
5p: Arrive at NC General Assembly

Parking & Directions

The NCSU Bell Tower is located at 2011 Hillsborough St. There are many lots and parking located near the Bell Tower, though you will have to pay for most of it. All the parking decks take credit cards. If you have any trouble finding the Bell Tower or parking, please call 919-727-9223.

On NCSU’s campus, we suggest you park at the Coliseum Deck at 204 Jeter Drive. From Pullen Road, turn onto Dunn Avenue. You will see an entrance to the parking deck on your left (make sure you enter on the pay lot side on Dunn, and not the student permit parking sides as you could be ticketed if you park in student parking). There will be a gate. If you don’t see a gate you’re on the wrong side of the deck. Insert debit/credit card into gate (you will need this same card to get out of the deck; that’s how they keep track of time) and park car, then park. It’s $10/day, or $2/hr.
From the deck, when walking, take a right on Dunn Avenue, then a left on Pullen Road. Bell Tower will be on your left.Please also see NCSU’s website for more parking options.

We’ll have some shuttling and rides back to NCSU from the General Assembly at the end of the march.

Sign up below if you’re interested in coming and an organizer from your area will be in touch with you about the plans for May Day. Transportation will be organized from campuses across NC.

May 1 will also be right around the time when the Senate will be approving their budget, so it couldn’t come at a more urgent time.

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