The North Carolina Student Power Union is a student-led movement focused on securing access to affordable education through our state.

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Education is a right, not a privilege

By treating education as a commodity it limits who is able to participate in our democracy in a meaningful way it is for this reason that we believe education should be free and accessible to everyone.

Society should be run by the the students, workers, and communities who make it work

We demand a democratic structure in which our voices are heard and our decisions are carried out — a structure where students, faculty, workers, and the community are able to make decisions according to their needs and in the interest of all people.

Education should empower our communities and uplift people’s history

Our education should uplift peoples’ histories, be rooted in community struggles, and instill a sense of purpose within students to work towards social justice.

Racism, sexism, heterosexism, and all forms of oppression – our unity is our greatest strength

We believe that if we ever hope to build a movement that can win real change in our universities and society, we must build unity and fight against all forms of oppression.

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